NUVO™️ InternalFIT™️

The NUVO™ InternalFIT™ features the proven internal hex connection in a tapered body design maximizing treatment simplicity in all bone types. The NUVO™ Implant System offers a comprehensive prosthetic portfolio covering all indications.


The NUVO™️ InternalFIT™️ combines proven concepts in dentistry: the well-established internal hex connection, titanium grade 4 commercially pure (CP) and the well documented sand blasted and acid etched surface treatment.

Internal Hex Connection

NUVO™ InternalFIT™ is designed to allow a perfect fit between the implant and abutment. InternalFIT™ combines the anti-rotational engagement of an internal hexagon and features the platform switching concept, with a single platform across multiple implant diameters, a narrow platform option and a large variety of implant lengths and diameters.

Pure Titanium Grade 4

Pure Titanium Grade 4 NUVO™ Implants are produced from commercially pure and mechanically strong titanium grade 4 (Ti gr4 CP).

Tapered Implant Design

NUVO™ Implant System features a bone level naturally tapered design, maximizing treatment options and efficiency regardless of the bone density.


Simple as it should be, NUVO™️ InternalFIT™️ features a color-coded and simplified prosthetic platform, adding ease of use with only one screw driver for the entire system.

Simplified Prosthetic Platforms

The well-established Internal Hex connection is made even simpler, by covering all demanding indications with 2 prosthetic platforms:

Color Coded System

The NUVO™ InternalFIT™ has a color-coded system, which allows an intuitive implant/abutment identification and selection, by featuring a color coded prosthetic implant platform and abutment.

One Screw Driver

Reducing complexity on prosthetic handling, NUVO™InternalFIT™ allows working on the entire system by using one screwdriver.


The NUVO™ implant system is dedicated to addressing the unique needs of the eco-challenger segment by making implantology accessible to all customers. Through the utilization of classic implant technologies and designs, aiming to democratize access to advanced dental solutions, empowering individuals to benefit from proven concepts in implantology.

Price Driven

NUVO™ is oriented for cost-sensitive customers, who place a strong emphasis on obtaining competitive pricing and securing lucrative high-volume contracts offering affordability.

Comprehensive Implant Portfolio

Designed to optimize the surgical procedure the implant packaging comes already with a cover screw.

*Please refer to the Instructions for Use for specific placement guidelines.

Comprehensive Prosthetic Portfolio

NUVO™ InternalFIT™ implants offer a comprehensive prosthetic portfolio designed to meet the patient’s  needed treatment:
  • Indication Type: From single to edentulous;
  • Retention Type: From screw to cement retained;
  • Workflow Type: From conventional to digital.
  • Cement Retained Abutment
  • Multi Unit Screw Retained Abutment
  • Titanium Base Abutment
  • Pre Milled Abutment Blank*

    *All digitally designed abutments making use of the Titanium Blank IF are intended to be sent to Straumann for manufacturing at a validated milling center.

  • Attachment Removable Prosthesis
  • Titanium Temporary Abutment
Single Unit Restoration
Removable Solution
Multi Unit Restoration
Screw Retained
Cement Retained


Download the resources you need to learn more about NUVO™ dental implants. Brochures, posters, product information, and a NUVO Dental Guide for Patients will help get you started with NUVO.